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A cloud-based application, built for companies that need easy-to-create QR code menus and instant ordering


What QarmenDoes

Qarmen is a cloud app, that let companies (like cafes, hotels etc.) create their online menus, that are accessible via QR Code scans. Without the need of contact, company's customers can easily view all the products and order whatever they want, in a simple online page

Qarmen.io provide clients, all the tools needed for creating-generating their menus as easy as possible and the downloadable QR codes for printing them where the client wants (like placemats). The users of Qarmen app, visit the Qarmen dashboard, create categories (like "pasta" or "deserts"), provide the products for each category and the menu is created automatically. No need to know web design and struggle for a nice design!

Qarmen.io Advantages

Online view of the product menu via QR code scans!

Minimal & modern design

No need for touching contaminated surfaces (Coronavirus)!

No need for cleaning (for COVID19)!

Drop costs for the menus (Reduce paper, reduce printing)!

No need for reprinting when a product changes!

Help the environment! Reduce paper needs!

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The complete features of Qarmen app
  • One Menu
  • Unlimited Menu Categories & Products
  • Custom Menu Styles
  • Product Images
  • Product Tags
  • Unlimited Product Changes
  • Product Sale Prices
  • One-Click Product Deactivation
  • Complete Management Platform
  • 24/7 Support

Questions & Answers

Qarmen is a cloud based application that let companies like cafes, restaurants & hotels, create contactless, QR Code menus easily.

Qarmen is for any business that need a digital-contactless menu. Companies like cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels can use it for their product catalogs.

Qarmen can be used Worldwide!

You can create a new account for free and use our app! Signup for a free trial here!

The QR code menu is created & updated automatically. You just have to create your menu categories and products, and voila! The menu is ready!

Once you create your menu, you download the QR code image and you print it wherever you want (e.g on placemats). Your clients can then just scan the QR Code and view your menu online!

You can find links for downloading the QR code png or svg image in the menu page of your dashboard.

You can change your menu's theme by visiting the 'Themes' page in your dashboard. The link is at your dashboard's top bar.

You can activate - deactivate a product by setting the 'is active' property to 'on' or 'off'. You can find this page by clicking the 'edit' button that is next to the product in the 'menu' page.

To scan a QR Code, you can search for a QR Code Scan App in the Google Play or App Store.

You can set a sale price for a product by visiting the 'edit product' page. The 'sale price' and the 'original price' will be displayed automatically in your menu as an offer.


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